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President's Message

We Must Continue to Move Forward - May

"Just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one God, saluting one American flag." - President Trump

Do you remember Tuesday, November 8th? It was a historic day in our nation’s history and yet liberals somehow missed the day completely. Since the day President Trump took office in January we have seen the left working tirelessly to defeat him as if the election was still ongoing. Temper tantrums, bullying, violence and walkout protest are their long standing methods. Liberals take pride in the resistance – but resisting what exactly? Putting America and our citizens first? What kind of American patriot does that?

Since January we have watched this President try and fulfil his campaign promises to the American people who elected him. Since taking office we have seen President Trump work to free the American people from government interference. He signed 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions - more than any other President. Thirty executive orders were signed and we witnessed him working with congress to create 28 laws. President Trump put forth a conservative Supreme Court Justice and given half a chance I believe he will do his best for the nation.

Despite their best efforts we must continue to move forward. There is so much work still to be done in our country. I encourage you to stay strong in faith and not grow weary in this battle. Truthfully, I find it frustrating on more days than not, but I know that my values and beliefs are worth defending. More importantly, despite the schemes of man, I know who sit on the throne of heaven. May God continue to bless America!

Tammy Barrier
BARW President

What Happened to Free Speech - April

You do not have the right to keep someone from speaking – you do have the right to not listen. Judge Jeanine Pirro

Turn on the television, peek at Facebook, or read a paper and what you will see are liberals in meltdown mode. The left has truly become unhinged…they no longer care about constitutional right and free speech. Daily we are witnessing angry liberals trying to shut down speech they do not agree with and much too often violence becomes their mode of operation. The left and their pervasive movement is a threat to our nation. They call President Trump fascist, his supporters are called fascist, those who do not agree with their ideology are called fascist. The problem is you can’t use the word fascist to describe people and opinions you don’t agree with but yet they do it everyday. Conservatives and their values are under assault but despite their best efforts to bully people into submission, I encourage you to stand strong patriots. Stand up for your families, stand up for your beliefs, Stand up for your rights – stand up for what is right!

Tammy Barrier
BARW President

We are Under Siege- March

There has been a world wind of activity since the election. Every day I see the anger towards the President and conservatives. president Trump (and we) are under siege from the progressive left. I am sure you have noticed the blatant bias of the media and the animosity towards the administration by everyone from young clueless snowflakes to the Hollywood elite. Our President is attacked each and every day so I ask that you take time each day to pray for him and the nation. A shake up in Washington has been long overdue and he is working hard to fulfill his promises to the public.

I hope many of you had a chance to attend the Lincoln Dinner. It was a wonderful evening and our speaker James O'Keeffe had a great deal of information to share with the group about what is really going on behind closed doors.

Next up on our agenda is our upcoming meeting with guest speaker Bill King. He will be discussing the pension issue facing the city of Houston. This issue affects the entire city and it should be a very informative meeting. We hope to see you Wednesday.

Tammy Barrier
BARW President