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Webster, Texas

President's Message

This Month's Meeting and More - May

Texas First Lady at BARW May 23rd Meeting!

Have you made your reservations for our May 23rd meeting with Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott? Reservations started flooding in as soon as this meeting was announced, so make sure that you have your seat reserved! Due to security, walk-ins will not be accepted and purchasing a lunch plate ($19) is a must! So, email your reservation to barw.rsvp@gmail.com. You won't want to miss this special event!

Volunteer Opportunities!

There are several ways to get more involved in BARW! So, if you havenít been very active, and would like to be more involved in the club, hereís how you can help.

  • Check-in Help: We need 4 volunteers to welcome and check-in guests at the May 23rd meeting.
  • Chaplain: We need a Chaplain for Bay Area Republican Women to lead us in prayer. If you would like to be our Chaplain or if there is a member that you would like to recommend, please let me know.
  • Bylaws Chair: This person is responsible for editing changes in the bylaws once a year. This is a wonderful way to contribute to the club if you have a limited amount of time to give.
  • Historian: Do you like taking pictures? The Historian takes pictures at all the club activities to be recorded in the BARW yearbook.

Call or text me at 713-397-8270 if you are able volunteer, or if you can recommend someone who can help.

Moving at the Speed of Trump!

This is an exciting time to be an American! Donít be shy about telling your friends and neighbors about our Presidentís good news! In the brief time that President Trump has been in office he has:

  • Secured the release of 3 American prisoners from North Korea
  • Captured the top 5 ISIS leaders
  • Canceled the Iran Deal (By the way, this was not a treaty ratified by Congress!)
  • Agreed on a date for peace/denuclearization talks with North and South Korean leaders
  • Moved the U.S. Embassy to Israel to its rightful place in Jerusalem
  • Removed restrictions and cut taxes to bring unemployment to 3.9% and bring black unemployment to an all-time low!


God bless you all,

Elizabeth Lauzon
President, Bay Area Republican Women
HCRP Precinct Chair, Pct. 306

Mrs. Bush, Elections and More - April

This past week America lost a wonderful national treasure in First Lady Barbara Bush. We are grateful for her life of service and deeply appreciate the legacy she left in literacy.

As we near May 5th, talk to your friends and neighbors about voting in the school board elections. As you know, even if you don't have children in school, you still pay taxes and have an interest in how they are spent, and you should have an interest in how future generations are educated! Don't forget to vote in the Republican Runoffs on Tuesday, May 22nd!

Have you received a text from the Beto O'Rourke Campaign asking for your support? Many Republicans have! Democrat Beto is aggressively campaigning against Senator Cruz culling the voter roles for any Republican willing to go to the "dark side". Ladies, we are in for a long hard fight to the November elections, and if you haven't personally got involved in a Republican candidate's campaigns, this is the year to do it. So let's get generous with the checkbook, join a phone bank party, and put on those walking shoes to go door to door! We going to get voters out to vote Republican. Let's make the Democrats see Red in November!

Elizabeth Lauzon
President, Bay Area Republican Women
HCRP Precinct Chair, Pct. 306

Next to the Runoff, then General Election - March

We made it through the Primary Elections! Congratulations to all the candidates who won their elections and to those who made it into the runoffs! I also wish to thank all Republican candidates who ran for office. Special thanks go out to BARW members who were election workers, and those who worked on campaigns. Your efforts help us have strong Republican candidates for the General Election in November and keep Harris County working with good government.

We have the Runoff Election in May and the General Elections in November. Letís put our efforts behind the best candidates for the runoffs and then focus on building the party and supporting our Republican candidates in November. Be happy warriors! Instead of insulting Democrat ideas, letís talk about how limited government and fiscal conservatism make Harris County work. Our next speaker, Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman, is a wonderful example of that. Harris County Precinct 2 went from being a bloated big spending bureaucracy under Democrat Sylvia Garcia, to becoming the model of efficiency that we have today with Jack Morman! Spread the good news! Republican ideas work!

Whatís next? I hope many of you participated in your Precinct Conventions and will be delegates at the Senatorial District Convention on Saturday, March 24, and then attend the State Convention in San Antonio from June 11 through June 16. Take part in the shaping of our party during the convention process, and Keep Harris County RED.

God bless America!

Elizabeth Lauzon
President, Bay Area Republican Women
HCRP Precinct Chair, Pct. 306