President’s Voice – November / December 2022

Post-election words of wisdom are always hard to come by, especially when the election produces such an unexpected (at least to my mind) result. The re-election of a County Judge with such a dismal record and questionable ethics for a second term is hard to grasp, and I am sure the how and why of it will be debated for many months. Not the least of which will be why there was a shortage of ballots in mostly Republican areas. There...
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President’s Voice – October 2022

Hello BARW, We are approximately 2 weeks from the start of Early Voting and about 28 days from Election Day. Our candidates have been working very hard, but they cannot do it alone. They need our help to get them across the finish line. That help can take many forms. It can be as time consuming as working for a campaign or perhaps working one event or it can be just encouraging like-minded neighbors and friends to vote. In between those...
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President’s Voice – September 2022

Hello BARW, Every day I listen to the news and talk radio and I ask myself, WHY? Why would our government want open borders, high crime, inflation, and an energy policy that is clearly harmful to the American People? Add to this the language Joe Biden uses to describe those who disagree with him and his abysmal foreign policy and it’s a toxic
brew. WHY? I am sad to say I have no good answers. The bottom line is we cannot sit this...
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Events & Meetings

Baytown Republican Women

January 5
Baytown 5:30 p.m. 888 Chinese Restaurant More Info

West Pearland Republican Women

January 5
Pearland 6:30 p.m. Big Horn BBQ More Info

Clear Creek Republican Women

January 6
League City 11:00 a.m. La Brisa Restaurant More Info