President’s Voice – May 2023

BE A TRUTHTELLER! One of the great challenges today is to be a Truthteller. There is such a thing as objective truth although watching the news one does begin to wonder. Today we are bombarded by things we know are factually incorrect. They are not true and yet we are expected to believe them, endorse them, and not challenge them. In 1984 Orwell posits, “What if the people in power could change the facts to suit their narrative so completely that we...
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President’s Voice – April 2023

Hello BARW, We live in dangerous times. In searching my heart for this month’s message, considering the events of the last few weeks, and thinking about what is going on in our country, I stumbled on this article in The Atlantic written by Adam J White in February 2020. It is a jewel in my opinion and is very apropos to our current situation. The government set up by James Madison and the other Founders requires a virtuous public and virtuous leaders—or...
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President’s Voice – March 2023

Hello BARW, Oh, to have a President’s message be about all the positive things going on in our nation. Wouldn’t that be a blessing? Alas, this is not the month for that to happen! We can’t even celebrate  international Women’s Day. The left has made a mockery out of that too, but I digress. Instead, it is about what are the biggest failures of our leaders exposed in the last few weeks. And they are failing us. They are allowing our...
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