Legislative Notes: Martha Anne Pierson Legislative Chair Just a reminder that Early Voting begins on Monday, October 22, 2018.

How is the best and most efficient way to connect with elected officials? Simply by just picking up the telephone. According to an article in the New York Times a simple phone call has so much more impact than an email or post on social media. Often legislators receive in excess of three hundred (300) emails a day. And that is dependent on what the issue is and how relevant it is. There is no way realistically to read and answer all those communications. Staffers do answer the phones. And don’t hesitate to speak to the staffer. They take notes, often have more information
regarding specific issues that do their bosses, and regularly compile constituent input into reports and spread sheets which are presented to the legislators directly. Cultivate relationships with them and allow them to be part of the process. Staffers are extremely efficient in relaying constituent concerns. If one feels an email will be a better way to address an issue it should be kept brief and on point. Anything that is over one (1) page in length is too long. Again, a staffer may be the best way to get messages across. Don’t hesitate to email them on behalf of the legislator. Refrain from utilizing scripted emails and/or just adding your signature to a form email. A few lines in one’s own words is far more impactful. These are just a few suggestions regarding making that all important personal connection.


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