President’s Voice – September 2021

President’s Message: An article from Kay James, Heritage Foundation In Remembrance of 9/11… Let us never forget those who died and their families. Dear Beverly, Today is a day when millions of us will pause in prayer and remembrance of the tragic events on that crisp Tuesday morning 20 years ago. If you’re like me, everything about that terrible day is burned into your soul. The shock, the fear, the incomprehensible brutality, the sudden sense of vulnerability. Recently, my grandson was given a...
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President’s Voice – August 2021

Never Underestimate Your Opponent! With so much turbulence happening in our nation, we cannot afford to underestimate our opponents. We now have the DELTA Variant of COVID- 19, which we thought would be behind us. The TxLege is battling amongst its parties. The State and Counties are at odds, not to mention our children are caught in the middle of all this with COVID numbers rising and heading back to school. Oh! We cannot leave out the BORDER DRAMA. It is...
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President’s Voice – May 2021

Fellow Members & Friends! It is one thing to run for a position and it’s another to know how. I would like to encourage all who are running for an office or helping with a campaign to consider attending The Leadership Institute’s 2021 Texas Campaign Workshop Tour that is coming to Harris County. Candidates are already announcing their intent to run for office. Knowledge is the key to running a successful campaign. Red Alert: Only 1 week left to sign up...
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Events & Meetings

BARW Breakfast Meeting

September 28
Houston 7:30 a.m. Bay Oaks Country Club More Info

Clear Creek Republican Women

October 1
League City 11:00 a.m. La Brisa Restaurant More Info

Baytown Republican Women

October 7
Baytown 5:30 p.m. 888 Chinese Restaurant More Info